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I'm Jonas, a psychologist turned entrepreneur. I know, crazy, right? But after my studies, I felt a calling to go out there and pave my path and start my first business in 2015.

As with all worthwhile paths, mine didn't go smoothly at first. I spent a lot of time following other people's best practice strategies that did nothing but drain all my energy and lead to frustration and burnout. But then I discovered chatbots, which were like balm on my introvert soul.

With chatbots, I have my own little helpers in sales and marketing, who do a lot of work that previously cost me a lot of time and energy: essential resources that I can finally direct toward my core business and living my dream life.

Time and again, I am amazed by the chatbot magic I see play out for my clients (and myself): the outstanding click-through and open rates, the engagement and conversion rates that don't compare to any other marketing methods.

Jonas Goldt

Chatbot Expert & Digital Business Strategist

I love what I do because now I have strategies and systems in place that make attracting and engaging clients fun and easy. I am eager to share what I have learned with coaches, course creators, and online service providers like yourself and help you grow and scale online, by unlocking the power of chatbots.

These are my two main offers:

In the Chatbot Club, you will find the knowledge, (easy to install) templates, & support you need to leverage highly engaging, lead-generating chatbot funnels for Messenger™ & Instagram™.

The Chatbot VIP Day is an intensive done-for-you service that saves you time & energy by letting us do all the programming and implementing while you get to enjoy custom Chatbot solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business.


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